Saturday, April 08, 2017

Satnam Sandesh - Mobile Application Launched by Smt. Vidhi Huleshwar Joshi

Application Specially for followers of Satnami Community and Satnam Religion.  The Satnami Community and Satnam Religion followed only rules made by Guru Ghasi Das Baba, Guru Amar Das and Guru Balak Das. It is a matter of great pleasure for the followers of Satnami Community and Satnam Religious. Smt. Vidhi Huleshwar Joshi is an Instagram-based mobile messenger application SATNAM SANDESH has been prepared on 03.03.2017 and  launched on 10-03-2017

The Satnami saints and SmartPhones user who had the desire to conduct the indigenous messenger-mobile application, now have fulfilled their wish. It is known that after installing this application, it will be possible directly chatting from Instagram users.

This Community is famous for his true behavior. The follower of Satnami Community and Satnam Religion is that Conduct includes truth, nonviolence, benevolence, education, love, guidance, mercy and forgiveness, which holds the aforementioned feeling for the living beings of the whole universe. Basic Concept of the Society is "Mankhe - Mankhe ek Saman" and Guru Ghasi Das baba, 'Satpurush', 'Satnam' and "True" is a Supreme Power of the Satnami Community and Satnam Religion.

for Download please Click on SATNAM SANDESH

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