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CitizenCOP - Mobile Application Features

List of Features – CitizenCOP

Report an Incident
Report an anonymous complaint directly to police control rooms through images, videos or audios.
This feature is helpful when you come across situations, where you could have helped a victim by reporting the witnessed incidence.

Call Police
Get all police contact details gathered at one place, which can be filtered as per your current location.
In an emergency situation we do not have time to find the right number to call. This feature helps us by giving those details immediately.

Help Me! SOS (with Proximity Sensor & Shake Motion Sensor)
Send instant auto generated help messages to already added contacts for any emergency help.
If you are in trouble, and cannot press a button for SOS on your phone, this feature will sense your proximity or the shake motion and send an auto generated SOS.

SOS Snooze
Just like the alarm clock, this feature helps in sending multiple SOS messages within a time frame to your selected contacts.
In any situation, your contacts would not miss the SOS from your side and would then be able to help you easily.

My Safe Zone
Fence your device within a secure geographical boundary, and let
your near ones know if you're in danger.
If your child has gone out of a set boundary or his “safe zone” then this feature would send you an alert about the same.

News Updates
This feature helps you receive latest news related to the city.
Suppose there is a road diversion created due to some procession, you can stay informed with this feature.

Report Lost Article
CitizenCop’s “Report lost Article” feature helps you file a complaint against any lost article instantly.
If you lose a valuable item, like your phone and do not want to go through a lengthy process for filing the complaint, this feature can really help you.

My Close Group
With this feature you can track live location of your children, loved ones, friends etc.
Suppose your child is in danger and you had no idea about it, by tracking him you will immediately get to know his location.

Emergency Calls
Get instant help while in trouble or any emergency situation.
In an emergency where you need to get quick access to numbers like Police Control Room, Ambulance, Child Helpline, Fire Control Room and CM Helpline etc, this feature can help.

Vehicle Search
This feature helps to know about the vehicle’s history, its registration details, owner name etc.
To use the facility of Online Vehicle Owner Search you just to enter the vehicle number which can be found on Certificate of Registration issues by Madhya Pradesh Transport Department / MP RTO or Number Plate of the vehicle or you can enter Chassis number or Engine Number to get the vehicle registration information whatever is easily available and click the ‘Search’ button.

Track My Location
This feature gives your current location to the admin.
If you are in danger, and need to be tracked by the officials, the feature records your activities and shows it on the map to them.

Inform Police
Domestic Helper / Servant
Tenant Information
Character Verification
With this feature you can easily inform and update the police about these three things.
Suppose you get a new servant, and do not want to physically go to the police, to inform about the same, then this feature can help.

Validate Public Transport Driver
Send Public Transport Details to emergency contacts

When you enter an auto number in the feature, it will give the name of driver as well as a photograph. You can also send a message to your saved contacts and give details of the auto number, from and to location.

Fare Calculation
Fare Calculator uses intelligent fare estimating to forecast the Auto/taxi charges.
Now, you do not have to waste your time in checking whether the amount quoted by the driver is appropriate or not.

Towing Vehicle Search
This feature helps you to check the details of your towed vehicle.
Many times we are distressed due to the lack of information on our towed vehicle, but now we can take the help of this feature.

Call Administration
This feature helps you contact senior administrative officials directly.
If your problem has not been resolved and you need to contact a higher official, you can get their contact number in the app.

Nearby Places
This feature helps to provide you with information on important places like police station, hospitals, Bank/ATM etc nearest to your current location.
While travelling you might land up in a place where you have no idea about any geographical location, in which case you just need to tap the nearby option from the settings menu and it will quickly identify your exact location while helping you find the nearest place that you might be looking for.

Multi Lingual
The application provides you with an option in the menu drawer to change the language to Hindi and other languages.
Now, you don’t have to know only a particular language to feel safe.

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